What is ROP?

ROP provides career preparation and technical education opportunities. At the District, ROP students strive to become a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) operator, and volunteer their time as an Operator-In-Training (OIT) in order to obtain work experience as mandated by Title 23 of the Water Code’s certification requirements.
An ROP student works up to 25 hours a week per semester. Under the guidance of certified operators they will learn about the treatment plant, the industry, perform daily checks, and general maintenance that is involved in the successful operation of a WWTP.

Interested in volunteering as an ROP?

ROP volunteers must be enrolled in an Occupational Education class at Solano Community College or an equivalent program during their time as a volunteer with the District. Submit your interest through this questionnaire:

  • What Solano classes will you be enrolled in during your volunteerism?

  • Indicate what experience you already have at a wastewater treatment plant?

  • Time Period