The District is proud of its involvement with a number of professional communities and organizations, including:

(California Association of Sanitation Agencies)
(California Regional Water Quality Control Board)
(California Sanitation Risk Management Authority)
(California Water Environment Association)

Achievements and formal recognition

  • California Association of Sanitation Agencies:

    • 2011 Public Outreach and Education Award—Large Agency from the California Sanitation Agencies for its Clean Water Outreach Program
    • Organizational Innovation Award 2009
    • 2005 Achievement Award for “Innovative Treatment of High-Strength Food Processing Waste”
  • California Water Environment Association:

    • State-wide Plant of the Year Award 2014, in the large plant category
    • State-wide Collection System of the Year Award 2013
    • State-wide Plant of the Year Award 2011 in the 5 to 20 MGD category
    • State-wide Engineering Achievement Award, Second Place
  • California Water Environment Association (CWEA)—Sacramento Area Section:

    • Plant of the Year Award in 1990, 1992, 1999, 2000, 2006, 2007 and 2008
  • California Water Environment Association (CWEA)—Redwood Empire Section:

    • Plant of the Year Award in 2011 and 2013
    • Plant of the Year Award, Greater than 20MGD in 2014
    • Public Education Award in 2011
    • Safety Award in 2009, 2011, and 2013
    • Collection System of the Year Award in 2009 and 2013
    • Engineering Achievement Award in 2014
  • California Sanitation Risk Management Authority (CSRMA):

    • Workers’ Compensation Excellence Award, Large Agency Category, 2011/12
    • SHELL (Safety, Health, Environmental, Liability and Loss) Awards in 2012 (Bronze Award), 2013 (Silver Award), and in 2014 Winner of the 2014 CSRMA SHELL Award
    • Recognized in fiscal years 1997/98, 1999/00, and 2004/05—in the small member agency category—for Workers’ Compensation Program with the Lowest Claims Frequency Rate & Lowest Claims Cost as a Percentage of Payroll
    • Loss Control Program of the Year, fiscal year 2006/07